Your CORE BRAND STORY is an internally-facing narrative that articulates what you stand for externally in your marketplaces. Not a list of values, products or features. Not a timeline of events. Not simply a mission or positioning statement. Rather, it’s a real story representing what you will do and be for audiences. A story that is unique and special to you and your company.

Your core brand story captures the totality of who you are, and the essential and differential value you bring to key audiences. Also known as a story platform, it’s the foundation for the creating all future communications.

Simple brand positioning often leaves companies wondering what to do with a confusing set of abstract values. People often can’t remember these values, or put them to use in everyday business. A core brand story will put your values in clear context that people can remember and use to measure everyday business narratives and decisions.

The core brand story is a promise you make to uphold throughout every fiber of your company’s deeds, actions, policies and communications.

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Small Firms

1-2 key decision makers (2 weeks)

For smaller companies and serious entrepreneurs, your core brand story provides the foundation for all your internal- and external-facing communications and actions.


Medium firms $12K

3-4 key decision makers (3 weeks)

For medium sized companies who have wider core brand story horizons than small businesses, but don’t have the vast complexity of large global companies.


Large Firms $25K+

5+ key decision makers (5-6 weeks)

The #1 choice for large or global companies who have enterprise-wide decision makers, and need to distill complex core brand story ingredients.

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