Brand Script + Key Messaging (BONUS)


For companies that have developed a winning CORE BRAND STORY PLATFORM.

Now apply your core brand story externally toward your vital audience-facing content. Your email subscribers, websites, product descriptions, advertising, pitches, and even employee engagement. Create a highly distilled branded story script that’s segmented for each audience type. The possibilities for future adaptations in the face of new developments are virtually endless. Stay on-brand by aligning scripts and key messaging to your core story.

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Small Firms

1-2 key decision makers (2 weeks)

For smaller companies and serious entrepreneurs, create a brand script for up to three (3) audience segments vital to your success.


Medium firms $15K

3-4 key decision makers (3 weeks)

For medium sized companies who have more audience segments than small businesses, but don’t have the vast complexity of large global companies.


Large Firms $35K+

5+ key decision makers (5-6 weeks)

The #1 choice for large or global companies who have enterprise-wide decision makers, and more complex audience segmentation needs.

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