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Core Brand Story Platform

Articulates internally what you stand for—externally in your marketplaces. Your core brand story captures the totality of who you are, and the essential and differential value you bring to key audiences. Also known as a story platform, the foundation for the creating all future communications. Puts abstract brand values in clear context. PACKAGES + PRICING ($)

Brand Script + Key Messaging

Apply your brand story externally toward your audience-facing content. Your email subscribers, websites, product descriptions, advertising, pitches, and even employee engagement. Create highly distilled brand story scripts + key messages that are segmented for each audience type. Unlimited possibilities for adapting to future developments. Stay on-brand by aligning scripts to your core story.

Storydoing ACTION PLAN

Identify, prioritize and plan specific touchpoints, policies, programs, and experiences that will elevate your brand. Actions that you can implement right now—different from what your competitors are doing. STORYDOING ACTIONS that will shape ongoing experiences of continuous shared value with you and your customers. PACKAGES + PRICING ($)


Narratives matter because they drive actions. STORY TRANSFORMATION is your company charter for driving actions to achieve your goals. Radically improve your business. Way beyond marketing-speak, slogans and other jargon. This about creating the core narrative that will drive all other stories, actions and policies in your organization. And how your story will unfold into an epic adventure that matters to you and your audiences. PACKAGES + PRICING ($)

Narrative gaps + opportunities

In an era of radical transparency—anyone, anywhere, anytime can know anything about your company. Yet, most companies still struggle to grasp audiences. Stop guessing. Now we can know. Monitor and adapt to your world in real time. Craft narratives or devise action plans. Unprecedented opportunities to lead and mobilize audiences, influencers, yourself, your team. Different from competitors. Go where you want to go in ways that matter most to your world.

Narrative monitor + adapt

Ongoing monitoring and strategy adaptations when environments are changing fast. Not pivoting, backtracking, or flip-flopping—rather to adapt and continue to lead strategy and narrative and in the face of new developments. In any business, product, service, or social category. Are you and your audience speaking the same language? Clarify the harmony and dissonance points between you and your customers.

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